My Year 2013: Collection of Memories

Published December 27, 2013 by sharell89

InternationalTripBefore year 2013 ends, there are things that I would like to share which made this year the best so far. Why? Each of us has our own dreams and plans in life. Mine is simple. My dreams and plans were fortunately happening in this year which I was not really aware of. Thanks to my friends who also loved traveling and had been there to make it come true. Like what they say “Collect memories not things“.Boracay2013

I’ve come to like to collect memories by going to places where I have never been. This has been the greatest lesson life taught me, that things do fade away but memories remain in you forever. It is not about money, fame and things that makes life worthy. Its not always about love too. Its about how you always look forward to it everyday, set your goal, work your plan and do it. To make life more exciting and meaningful, make sure that you have to plan something that you will look forward everyday, every month and every second of your life.BaguioTrip

I called them blessings of God. I have been blessed by God to see places, see other people and know different cultures beside my own circle. To see the other side of the world makes you see that there is more and you should not be contented sitting around your circle.  Unfortunately, I am notSurigao yet finish. Eventually, I just started. Haha! I will still look forward next year. Yup, there are still boiling plans with my friends and I hope 2014 will be the same best year as 2013.


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